Funny birthday wishes

I'm sorry, I forgot your birthday yesterday... But I have two gifts for you today! Happy birthday with a small delay!

Happy Birthday! I don't know how old you are... and I do not want to know!

As a reminder, today is your birthday! Try to remember this year!

If there are a lot of people in your home tonight, don't worry... Someone told me that an event is taking place tonight... An excellent birthday!

The cake ingredients were outdated, and the gift wrapping is missing... but have a happy birthday anyway!

I hope you're not going to sleep, as you did last year! Please do not drink any alcohol this year, and happy birthday!

The gifts are cooked, and the cakes are packed! A lot of happiness and a happy birthday to you!

I'm sorry, no party this afternoon! I want you to come with me and choose a huge birthday gift!

I am sorry but there will be no guests at home for your birthday... They will all be in my home waiting for you! Happy Birthday!

I have no idea how old you are, so there's only one candle on the cake! But I wish you a great birthday!

Cake with several candles