Birthday wishes for relatives

Happy Birthday my uncle, I wish you a lot of good surprises for this special day.

The family is something wonderful, this is why we are all here for you today. Happy birthday from everyone!

All the children wish you a great birthday. And we know there will be many other days like this one!

For this wonderful day, we wish you all the happiness you can imagine for your birthday.

Have an excellent birthday. All our best wishes.

Happy birthday to my godfather. Here is a little card for you, and thank you for being present, as always.

Happy birthday auntie! Even though we are far away, I send you my sweetest thoughts!

Your birthday is always the opportunity to have a family meeting! We are all very happy to see you! Happy Birthday!

I've always felt very close to you auntie. I wish you a great birthday, and I kiss you.

Happy birthday to you twins! Much love and much happiness to both of you!

Red cake with candles