Birthday wishes for a grandmother

Grandma, you have taught me everything. Thanks for your wisdom, and I wish you a great birthday.

Although you have known many birthdays Grandma, I wish this one will surpass all the others.

All my friends, as young as they are, are jealous of my presence at your birthday Grandma! I am proud to be your little son.

An excellent Birthday Grandma! I hope to blow as many candles as you some day.

For all the good times I spent with you, and for those to come, may this birthday be the best of all Grandma.

I wish you a lot of joy on this special day Grandma. For you, the whole family will get together today.

Even if there are many candles Grandma, they are far to represent the strength of the thoughts I have for you. I wish you a wonderful birthday with all my heart.

Today is a feast for the whole family: I wish you a very happy birthday Grandma, with all my love.

Red birthday cake