Birthday wishes for a brother

Happy birthday my brother, you have always been present when I needed you!

All the family and myself wish you a great birthday! A lot of happiness for you today!

You are now responsible, mature, and serious! Keep going, and happy birthday to you bro!

As an older brother, you have always been there for me! It's my turn to do the same for you today, happy birthday!

You're my little brother, and now I can say that I am proud of what you've become. Happy birthday bro!

Mom made the cake, and I am responsible for the champagne... Dad invited everyone... Excellent birthday bro!

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you the best. A great birthday to you!

We have always progressed together, and I chose this day to tell you how happy I am. Happy birthday and best wishes of happiness.

We are not many, but nearly all the family got together for you. Happy birthday bro!

All your brothers and sisters are here to wish you a great birthday. We hope that you will remember this day for a long time.

Birthday cake with starwars