Birthday wishes for babies

For your first anniversary, we wish you to spend a day full of discoveries with Mum and Dad!

A very happy birthday: it's the first year of a life full of happiness.

Enjoy your feeding bottle and afternoon nap! We will wait a bit for the cake and champagne! A very Happy Birthday!

Until you have a lot of friends, which will happen soon, your whole family wishes you a very happy birthday.

On your first anniversary, we wish you much success and happiness in life.

You're so cute that we are jealous of your parents! Here are a few gifts that you will enjoy later. Happy birthday to the cutest of babies.

Even if you do not blow up candles, you already have a lot of character! Your parents can be proud of you. Happy Birthday my little baby.

You are too young for a gift! We wish you happiness and success in your future life. Enjoy your youth and drive your parents crazy! Happy birthday to you little angel.

Even if you have no teeth yet, you already live life to the fullest! Just wait for the wild parties you will enjoy later. We wish you a very happy birthday with your parents!

Warm and tender thoughts to the most adorable baby, for your anniversary. Sweet thoughts to the parents too, awaiting more quiet nights!

Happy birthday with anime