Birthday quotes

You are now a year older, but you're still so young in your head! Happy Birthday!

You are resplendent for your age! You make people jealous... And I wish you a very happy birthday!

Your birthday cake will be like you: soft and melting! Have a great day!

Life is full of surprises and a new year begins for you, full of discoveries! An excellent birthday!

If friendship was measured by the size of the cake, it could not enter your home! Happy Birthday!

Try not to disturb the neighbours like last year, but still have a very happy birthday!

I am sending you a lot of love and a lot of kisses with this birthday card. Remember that I'm with you every day in my mind!

Chocolate, vanilla and raspberry... Help yourself and happy birthday!

Just a few words to wish you a happy birthday... Needless to remind you that we will be there tonight!

To the oldest and most indispensable friend of mine: a very happy birthday! Let your happiness last for ever!

Three candles