Birthday Messages

“Happy birthday!
I wish you every day full of sunshine, love and happiness.
I hope that ALL great wishes from your fans will come true 

“Dear …, Happy Birthday, Hope you have a great day with all your family and loved ones.
And may the next year bring you more music, fun & love.
Keep on Rocking!!!”  

“Happy birthday to you!! So nice to have an opportunity to congratulate you
on this day! Thank you for your music that brings joy and sunshine to us,
you’re the best guitarist in the world! We just want to wish you lots of
love, happiness, good health, luck, fun, and of course a big and tasty
birthday cake!! Stay always young because you will never get old in our
hearts. Take care and have a good day.
With lots of love”  

“Happy birthday Dear…
I really hope you get a good one with many presents and love from all your friends and fans.
Well, I guess we all still love you and your fantastic music. Keep on with the good work, dear!
Take good care.
God Bless ……………..and many, many hugs…..:-)”  

“I am fortunate, and I’m glad I got u for my brother
Even if I had the chance, I would not pick another.
I’m happy you are in my life, You are my winner, come what may.
May your birthday wishes come true on your very special day.” ~~Collection of Happy Birthday Massages~~

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