Birthday greetings for a cousin

Happy birthday cousin! I am pleased to be here today, as a cousin, as a friend and as a member of the family!

I wish you a great birthday. You have been with me for so many years!

We have done so many silly things together! I suggest we start again today, so that your birthday will stay in our memories!

And here is another birthday, and another cousins meeting! Happy birthday to you, from all your cousins​​!

Cousin, happy birthday to you! Full of happiness and good health!

We all ​​wish you a happy birthday!

There are good things to eat, and a great family meeting organized for you! Happy birthday my cousin!

What's better than two cousins, friends for life? Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday cousin! We will try to see each other more often, I miss you between our birthdays!

An excellent birthday to you my cousin! My beautiful, wonderful princess! May this new year surpass all the previous ones!

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