Belated birthday wishes

You know, as usual, I'm late! Forgive me please, and a special happy birthday for you!

Here are some flowers to forgive my tardiness. Happy birthday dear: I’m absent-minded, but you know you are always the most important to my eyes!

I had so much work that I forgot the fun! Apologies and happy birthday to you!

I always forget birthdays, including mine! I hope that these gifts will help you forgive me! Happy birthday with some delay...

I'm sorry, forgive me... I'm late... Here are a beautiful card and some gifts, happy birthday for yesterday!

A few hours later, I wish you a very happy birthday!

It is not midnight yet, I'm (almost) on time! I wish you a great birthday! Your gift will be there tomorrow!

Better late than never! I hope you had a great birthday... I invite you at the restaurant tomorrow so that you can forgive me!

I have no excuse... I'm sorry. I still wish you a great birthday!

Honey, I had so much work that I forgot the most important day of this year... Happy birthday, with some delay and apologizes!

Blue gift